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"Nobody Does It Better!"
"America's Urban Community Alternative Station!"

Who We Are

Welcome everyone to 93.1 Jam Packed Magazine Radio created by Arthur DeVonn Lewis III, CEO of N’TUNE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA. N’TUNE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA  was originally established in 1986 in Toledo, Ohio where the music artist DeVonn was born and raised.  Mr. Lewis began performing in nightclubs at the age of 16 professionally with The Arscott Trio Reggae Band.   

After two years, DeVonn learned the art of writing and producing music when he was led to Detroit, Michigan and found Mr. Greg Riley, Danon Potts and Robert Dennis at a studio called The Disc LTD.  Danon Potts became his first producer, where DeVonn learned the art of layering music and vocals. In 1988, DeVonn released his first recorded single entitled “Let Me Drive You Crazy”, which became a international hit and not a domestic hit here in America.  The song received regional success in the Mid-West market and went on to sell 10,000 copies independently.    

The song received European airplay and royalties from 1988 to 1994. By the summer of 1988, DeVonn relocated to Los Angeles under a production deal with Solar Records and later signed a independent distribution deal to record his first album “ I Think It’s Time.”  The album was shelved and not released because Solar Records Studios was bought out by Death Row Records by 1990 and all the major acts such as The Deele, Babyface, The Whispers and more had moved on to other companies.  

By 1992, DeVonn enrolled in LA Recording Institute for more technical training in recording engineering where he received his engineering certification in audio production and music business consulting. After graduating, DeVonn worked at Universal Studios Hollywood and A&M Recording Studios working with artist such as; Tim Gatling (former Guy member), Rya Singleton, Famous Music Publishing, David Cochrane (Producer for Lionel Richie and Bobby Brown).  In 1996, DeVonn relocated back to Toledo, Ohio where he then started up his label with aiding in development of such artist as; Lyfe Jennings, Jay Rush Jennings, CJ Mack, Ray Stone, Mortal Mituz, Shayla Shantel, Ndemand, Gipht (Mark Wilson), Keith Taylor, and more… Now available on iHeartRadio!

Why Us?

Now taking NTUNE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA into the future, DeVonn has branched his company into producing radio & video shows now we present the new branch of the company Jam Packed Magazine Radio Show and 93.1 FM Jam Packed Radio a online & mobile terrestrial radio station for the local market ready to serve the community in developing entrepreneurs, business owners, develop recording artist, event coordinators and the entertainment industry. Jam Packed Magazine Radio has firmly been established in the local market for 1 year of service as a community station.   

Our on-air interview client list are people such as; Jeff Johnson (National spokesman for Tom Joyner Morning Show and BET), R&B Legend JON B., Mr. Chuck Bennett (Entertainment writer for Detroit News & Entertainment commissioner of Detroit, Michigan), National R&B singer KJON and Jay Rush Jennings and more...! 

Finally, by you the aspiring business owner, musician, singer, event coordinator, songwriter, book writer and just a community listener will have a new voice.  We will help each other create jobs, deal with social issues, politics and just plain old home grown fun. Thank you for being a part of 93.1 WXJP Jam Packed Radio & Magazine.